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Executive Editor, Links Magazine, Division of Graduate Studies

Touro College

“To Whom It May Concern: 

It gives me great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Ms. Gail Schiller, with whom I have worked for several years. Gail served as the founding Editor-in-Chief of Touro Links, a print and online magazine representing Touro College's Division of Graduate Studies. 

As a dean of faculty for Touro, I had the privilege of working with Ms. Schiller as she created and managed the magazine, and ably reported news, interviews, and feature stories about the Division. She was a hands-on writer and editor who was always pleasant and collegial. 

I remember the experience of having an in-depth interview with Ms. Schiller for an article in Links. I was impressed with her comfortable style of interviewing as well as her talented writing and superb editing skills. 

Ms. Schiller is not only a talented journalist but a kind, concerned person of high integrity. She will serve well any print or online newspaper or magazine, or the publications/PR department of an organization, company or institution. I recommend Ms. Schiller without reservation. 


Dr. Donne G. Kampel 
Dean of Faculty” July 17, 2012

3rd Donne K.Dean, Touro College
worked with Gail at Touro College

“I worked with Gail Schiller When I was a featured speaker at a Touro College conference on Bullying. Gail did a wonderful job with Touro Links, providing readers with so many fascinating stories and Touro College with such a terrific PR forum. Our Bully Frog program felt a bit smitten to be in such good company in Touro Links magazine! Her skill as a writer and editor is highly professional. The resulting story published in Touro Links was both informative and entertaining. 
Roni Benson co-director LIPEN and The Bully Frog Program” July 14, 2012

2nd Roni BensonLecturer, Educational Consultant: Bullying Prevention, LIPEN: The Bully Frog Program/Cyberbullies Beware
was with another company when working with Gail at Touro College

“"It has been my pleasure to work with Gail Schiller in her role as Editor-in-Chief of the Touro College Links magazine. She has a keen eye for effective storytelling and copy editing. I could always count on her to sharpen and focus whatever I submitted for publication. She also has a great visual sense, selecting and cropping photographs for maximum impact and communication. She has always been conscientious, courteous, and very easy to work with. Collaborating with her has been a pleasure."” June 26, 2012

3rd Jesse E.Chair, Web and Multimedia Design Master Program, Touro College
worked with Gail at Touro College

“For the past three years, Gail has been a member of my staff and has served as editor-in-chief for Touro Links, the alumni, faculty and staff magazine of the Division of Graduate Studies at Touro College. In that capacity, she developed and launched the magazine and has been involved in all phases of production including researching and reporting stories; content and copy editing; proofreading; photography, and layout and design. Gail also spearheaded and oversaw the creation of the Touro Links website, She has posted articles and photos to the site and has worked closely with web designers to ensure that the website content and design were of the highest quality. 

Gail is a highly skilled writer and both her writing and editing skills have continuously been praised by deans, faculty and staff at Touro as well as other readers of Touro Links. Despite enormous obstacles, Gail produced a superb magazine that served as a marketing, public relations and recruitment tool for the Division of Graduate Studies. Gail has always performed every task with an extremely high level of enthusiasm, determination and professionalism. She has a very strong work ethic and is dedicated to producing superior print and online publications. Gail is extraordinarily persistent and will do whatever is necessary to report a story, publish a top-rate magazine or accomplish any task she sets her mind to. She is a stickler for accuracy and is not satisfied until a story meets her high professional standards. On a personal note, I must say that it has been a pleasure working with Gail. She is fair-minded, intelligent and extremely self-motivated. She approaches her professional responsibilities with a sense of optimism and respect for all. In short, any organization that is fortunate enough to employ Gail will benefit tremendously from her talents and skills.”June 25, 2012

2nd Nicholas AielloAssociate Professor of Education and Communication, Touro College
managed Gail at Touro College

“Gail Schiller is an exceptional colleague. She works hard, keeps up to date and meets deadlines. Gail is one of the few people I've met in public relations who has been reliable. Gail is outstanding. She teaches what great public relations can do. Gail always keeps her word, and is both an excellent editor and writer, which is a rare combination. When I read the articles that she wrote, she always captured the essential elements and added new insights. I always looked forward to reading her articles. Gail has a special enthusiasm for her work and she performs her job at a superb level.” June 21, 2012

2nd Joseph Indelicato, Ph.D.Chair of Undergraduate Psychology and Social Sciences, Touro College
worked with Gail at Touro College


Awaken PR

“Gail went above and beyond her duty in efforts to publicize the worldwide web-cast of the Unity Lecture featuring Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. Despite the short notice (and shoestring budget), Gail immediately devoted herself to the task. Equally impressive was her attention to detail. Gail made sure she understood every aspect of the program and how we wanted it presented to the public. The comprehensive, well-written press release that resulted was truly a masterpiece. Thank you, Gail.” April 30, 2009

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, On Time

2nd Mindy Wallach 
hired Gail as a Public Relations Consultant in 2009

“I wanted to write you to thank you for doing such a superb job on our PR around our initiatives around “Defiance”. You are not only creative and hard working, but you are so persistent and followed up so well with the reporters to get us press in USA Today, The New York Daily News, The Forward,, among others, all in less than a month’s time and at very reasonable rates. And you did much more than just handle our PR. You helped get teachers and teachers associations on board to utilize our curriculum, achieving both our strategic and PR goals at the same time. Thank you! 

The coverage has been incredibly helpful for us. Since the articles ran the traffic to our website has increased significantly, and our board, staff, and other key stakeholders have been very pleased. All the kudos should go to you. 

I am so grateful that we made the decision to work with you and hire Awaken PR. Thank you again for a fantastic job!” February 26, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

2nd Mitch Braff 
hired Gail as a Business Consultant in 2008

Marketing Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter

“Gail has interviewed me over the years and I've found her to be a bright, insightful reporter with a great feel for the entertainment marketing industry. She is definitely someone who is 'in the know', has a beat on trends and asks relevant, direct questions that get to the heart of any program.” March 7, 2009

2nd Mike MaloneVP, Content Development, Alliance
was with another company when working with Gail at The Hollywood Reporter

“Gail is a detail-oriented reporter with great journalistic integrity. She is incredibly thorough, always ensuring her stories are accurate and factually correct. Gail has a great understanding of the businesses and industries she is covering and I've always enjoyed working with her on creating a great article.” February 23, 2009

2nd Erin (Snider) WolfmanDirector, Public Relations, Warner Bros. Consumer Products
was with another company when working with Gail at The Hollywood Reporter

“Working with Gail on a story was always a great experience. She has a great nose for news -- if she bites on a pitch, you know you have something -- and she's one of the most thorough journalists I've ever worked with. She never got one fact wrong in the years I worked with her, and she really knows how to tell a story. Gail was a strong journalist, and she's carried her strengths forward into the realm of PR.” February 16, 2009

2nd Jason RzepkaDirector, Communications, mtvU, MTV Public Affairs & Research, MTV Networks
was with another company when working with Gail at The Hollywood Reporter

“As the marketing reporter at The Hollywood Reporter, Gail was honest and insightful, an excellent writer, and conducted herself with the utmost integrity. I highly recommend her for any endeavor.” February 12, 2009

2nd Andy MarksManaging Director, MATTER, An Edelman Entertainment Company
was with another company when working with Gail at The Hollywood Reporter

“Gail Schiller is one of the brightest and most dogged journalists I've had the pleasure of working with. Her reporting abilities are superb and her grasp of the subject matter she covers is comprehensive. Gail's not afraid to ask questions and makes no assumptions. She gets it right the first time. I have no reservations in recommending Gail to any organization looking for writers who deliver. I enjoyed my time working with her.” February 6, 2009

2nd Howard BurnsVarious positions, including Editor and Editorial Director, The Hollywood Reporter
managed Gail at The Hollywood Reporter

“When it comes to media, Gail is like one of those 'Former-IRS' agents you hire to get the IRS off your back. She's the person you want on your side! 

While at the Hollywood Reporter, she would 'hunt me down' and extract details she needed in order to get a killer story. She knew what it took to get a story approved by her editor and the exact formula needed to make it really work. 

Her real-world experience makes Awaken PR my #1 recommendation to clients looking for top exposure!” February 4, 2009

2nd Jeff GreenfieldExecutive VP, 1st Approach
was with another company when working with Gail at The Hollywood Reporter

“Gail is a pleasure to work with. She's fair and thorough and would be an asset to any employer” February 3, 2009

2nd Lori SaleHead of Artist Marketing, Paradigm
was with another company when working with Gail at The Hollywood Reporter

Media Director/Celebrity Liaison

LA for Clark

“To Whom It May Concern: 
Gail Schiller and I worked closely together on communications during Gen. Wesley Clark's 2004 Presidential campaign. Ms. Schiller did a very impressive job in helping to develop and implement communications strategies and plans in the Southern California area. She demonstrated good judgment and creativity, as well as first rate writing and media relations skills. She was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her.”March 13, 2009

2nd Alan MaltunCommunications consultant, LA for Clark
worked directly with Gail at LA for Clark

“Gail handled media relations at LA for Clark and was our main liaison with the Hollywood community. Gail was always the consummate professional. Her work resulted in positive coverage for our group on local television and in the L.A. Times, among other places. Her ability to connect our grassroots volunteers with Wes Clark supporters in the celebrity world made my job as a fundraiser much easier and a lot more fun. Thanks, Gail!” February 15, 2009

1st Stuart WoltzExecutive VP, Sonic Convergence, Inc.
worked directly with Gail at LA for Clark

Foreign Correspondent/Editor/Business Reporter

Reuters News Agency

“Gail is a talented reporter and editor -- a standout from the start. She is meticulous, accurate and writes with flair. Gail is equally at home writing general news and business news. She can unravel complex issues and make them understandable to the reader. Gail is a team player and a pleasure to work with.” February 14, 2009

2nd Jeffrey HellerEditor in charge, Jerusalem, Reuters
managed Gail indirectly at Reuters News Agency