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Hollywood Reporter

-- Lifetime: TV and Advocacy for Women 
-- Advertisers Get Piece of Local News Shows
-- Advocates Find New Roles in Hollywood
-- Cable Networks Ramp Up Primary Coverage
-- Marketing Iraqi War Films 
-- The Almighty Dollar and Faith-Based Marketing
-- Battle for the Brands
-- Cruise is Tough on Tie-Ins with M:I-3
-- VW Bugged about NBC Uni Marketing Deal
-- Tie-Ins Often Sobering for Liquor Firms
-- Star Wars Licensed to Make a Killing
-- Internet Offers Power, Pitfalls for Brands
-- Rock the Vote Irks GOP
-- Parents Television Council in Film Foray
-- Movies Aid Search for 'Greater Meaning'
-- NASCAR Collaborates with Hollywood
-- Sundance Ambushed by Unofficial Brands
-- WGA Votes on Ending Strike 
-- Integrated Plugs Difficult to Value
-- Superbowl: TV's Top Marketing Event
-- Strike Drives Up Prices for SuperBowl Ads 
-- Top 10 Celebrity Ad Deals (AdWeek)

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Sample Press Releases

-- Defiance Press Reliance
-- Touro Press Release
-- AlternativeEnergy.com
-- Clark Advisory
-- Clark News Release
-- Rocky Bid News Release

-- Sample Media Placements


Touro Links Magazine (2009-2012) [site]

Spring 2012

-- Professor Pursues AIDS-Related Research in South Africa
-- Touro’s IHRH Hosts High-Profile Conference
-- Project Aspire Partners on Medication Safety Program
-- MSW Student Presents Research at International Trauma Conference
-- PDF of Spring 2012 Issue

Spring 2011

-- Iraq War Vet and Purple Heart Recipient Seeks MSW
-- Touro Alumnus Launches Revolutionary Public School Model
-- Researching Tea and Papaya Extract in Diabetes Patients
-- Bronx DA, Bullying Experts Offer Violence Prevention Strategies
-- Study Shows TEMAS Test Can Treat Depression in Latino Children

Spring 2010

-- Groundbreaking Music School for Children with Autism
-- Fall Prevention Class for the Elderly
-- Touro Institute Takes on Role as U.N. Monitor
-- MSW Graduate: From Homeless Person to Homeless Advocate
-- Touro's Project Aspire Expands Impact on Inner City Students
-- Project Aspire Teams Up with Harlem Hospital's Hip Hop H.E.A.L.S.
-- The Life and Legacy of Dr. Bernard Lander
-- At-Risk Children Benefit from Social Skills Lessons
-- Innovative Prisoner Re-entry Internships at School of Social Work